Don’t forget!

I am so excited about tomorrow! It sounds like it is going to be an awesome group!

Just a friendly reminder… Bring water!!!! It is going to be quite hot tomorrow morning so bring lots of it!!!

Also make sure you wear supportive shoes.

I will have a list of things for the kids to look for while we are out there. I will make sure that my children stay right with the group. We will stand in place quite often and do some kicks and things…. They can search during those times and otherwise will walk with us.

Pay close attention to how you are feeling and don’t over-do… It’s going to be a hot one!

For those of you who are coming and we have never met, I will wear a bright pink ball cap. You’ll be able to find me from the parking lot. ­čśë


I have always been crazy obsessed with not sweating. If it is hot then I am usually the first person in front of the fan, or air conditioner vent. A couple months ago I started working out HARD, and had to get over the whole sweating fear. I’ve been doing a LOT of research on why we sweat and what it does for you. I have not found any definite answers. Some people think that sweat rids your body of toxins. Others believe that it doesn’t. It actually rids your body of├é┬áessential vitamins. Who knows….? One thing everyone agrees with is that if you are working out hard and not sweating it could cause a major stroke. Stop working out if that happens. The other thing that everybody agrees with├é┬áis that if you are sweating a lot then you need to replenish your liquids fast. LOTS of water!!! Dehydration can cause a whole new set of problems. Sweat absolutely cleans your pores and makes your skin very healthy. Go ahead and work out hard… Sweat away, but make sure you drink a lot of water! Come sweat with us on Saturday!!!!!

Okay, I Lied

I didn’t get around to talking about sweating. ├é┬áMaybe tomorrow we’ll talk about procrastination.

— some witty comment here —

God’s masterpiece

Who cares what the world says or thinks about you. God made you!

You have to watch this skit.

God’s Chisel

Workout videos

These are some new workout videos that I found today.

I really liked this one for stretching.

This one doesn’t really hurt while you are doing it. But oh the burn later!!!!!

It’s a standing ab workout

Here’s another Bob Harper one I enjoyed today,

And last but not least… It’s only 10 minutes… Give it a try!