I need motivation!  I have the desire to lose weight but am lacking in gumption! I’ve watched all the  documentaries again…  I have the nutritional knowledge…  Now what? How do you put it into play?  Anyone have any thoughts?  Let me know.

All fed up

A few weeks ago I got frustrated with my weight. The problem was that I had no drive to fix it. I could give you every excuse out there… Baby keeps me up all night so I’m too tired. Too busy with homeschooling, my kids music lessons, and other music lessons in my home , karate, baby naps, grocery shopping, house stuff, errands, the list could keep going…

Then I forced myself to start watching these Netflix documentaries.  I’ve seen them all before,  “Vegetated” , “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” ,  “Food Inc” ,  “Forks Over Knives” ….  (there are a lot more)  But watching them again has done something.  It has made me sick.  Sick of what I’m putting in my body.  Sick of what these companies are doing to our food.  And sick of my own complacency.

When did I decide that I’m not worth it? Why did I let myself get fat?  It’s not a good example at all to my children.  Because,  darn it,  I’m SO worth it.  My kids are soooo worth it.  They deserve to have their mom for a loooooong time.  So it’s time to fix it. 

I’m FED UP.  Literally and figuratively.  You all are about to see a new Emily.

Life Change

Sometimes we just go about our lives, just doing what we think we should be doing, totally oblivious to the whispers of God telling you to change… Other times,  God hits you over the head with a redwood tree and screams “CHANGE“!!!!! This is where I am now.

My wonderful husband has built an amazing web design company from the ground up. It has done very well for us, and I am very proud of him for it.  But the stress involved in a company like that is endless. And the perks are few.  It has been hard seeing what the stress has done to cj.

When I think about the perfect picture of my life, this is not what I pictured. And God wants that perfect picture for us RIGHT NOW! And we can have it. I can have a way less stressed hubby and the happiness that goes along with that. And so I am going to take it!!!

As of December we started teaching music again. It is very exciting and exactly what both of us need! I need some help from my family and friends. If any of you would like to take lessons for piano, flute, or guitar let me know. AND/OR if you personally do not want lessons would you please be thinking of people that might? AND/OR could you all post a link to my facebook page on your walls for advertisement for me?   If you would like to say something nice about us that would be appreciated too!!!! You all rock!

The second big thing that is going on is a renewed focus on our weightloss and health. This is sooo important to me. I would like to be around for my kids till I am 100! And I am determined! Who wants to work out? If you would like to walk with me let me know!

Also, I am signing up to sell Blessings Unlimited this weekend. I am very excited about it! Such great products! If anyone would like to have a catalog party let me know ASAP!!!!

I see a LOT in my life changing right now and I hope that it is all for the better!!!! I would love to have a supportive group with me in my journey! Jump on board, its going to be exciting!!!!

Nooma nooma

I found this new cell phone app called Noom!!!!! I am telling you… I am so happy. When I got on the scale yesterday, it said that I had lost 6lbs in 4 days!!!!! It has reminders that are great. Yesterday I had gone 4 hours without eating and my phone started beeping at me telling me to eat… Also it’s kinda like a game to me…. I have to make my chart look prettier than CJs! LOL

If you are trying to shed some weight, you HAVE to get this app! I sound like a commercial… ok I’m done.

New Theme!!!!

What do you think of my new pretty website??? I know the about me button is messed up, but I will fix it. Let me know what you think otherwise!!!!