After overeating tips

I know that Thanksgiving is over, but we all tend to overindulge for the rest of the holidays too… Here are some good tips for detoxing after a big meal.

It is important over the holidays to not beat yourself up. If you overeat at a meal…. Just move on and eat right for the next meal. None of us are perfect. Let’s just walk it off!


YUM YUM!!!!!!!

Meatless Muffaletta Panini

Rachael Ray

Recipe courtesy Rachael Ray

  • Ingredients

    2 handfuls good quality pitted green and black olives

  • 1 cup giardiniera, drained pickled cauliflower, carrot and hot pepper mix
  • 4 sesame or cornmeal Keiser rolls, split
  • 8 deli cut slices sharp provolone
  • 1 (15 ounce) can artichoke hearts in water, thinly sliced
  • 2 roasted red pepper, drained and thinly sliced

Preheat griddle or grill to medium-high heat.

Place olives and pickled veggies in food processor and pulse chop into a relish. Divide the relish among 4 sandwich bottoms and top with a single slice of cheese, sliced artichokes and peppers then add another slice of provolone to each sandwich and press tops in place.

Place sandwiches on grill and press with heavy skillet weighted down with cans. Press a few minutes on each side, remove, split and serve.

Need a healthy recipe?

Tonight I made a very yummy chili. The family LOVED it. Here is my recipe.

1 lb Jenny O ground Turkey (italian seasoned)


Celery (I use the inside with all the yummy leaves)

2 tomatoes (diced)

1 lb soaked and drained kidney beans

1 lb soaked and drained northern white beans

1 large carrot (grated)

salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, chili powder, and garlic

I used dry organic beans. I used the quick soak method on the bag. When the beans were all ready, I cooked the onion and celery in about a tablespoon of olive oil. When they start to color add the meat. Cook till browned. Add tomatoes, carrot, and beans.  I did not measure my seasonings I just put in a little of each and tasted…. Repeat. I did add a little water because it was pretty thick… But it turned out AMAZING!!!!!!


I LOVE Home Depot!!!! I could spend soooo much money there. Fortunately, I don’t have soooo much money.

So we went to home depot tonight and bought some veggie plants… No more seeds. Forget that!  I have been really frustrated with my garden and enough was enough.  I can’t wait to garden tomorrow!

My week

This week has been tough for exercising for me. I haven’t been feeling well for a few days.  So even though I am not completely feeling better today, I decided to do a workout video anyway. Man…. I hope that my stamina has to do with how I’m feeling and not that I lost it. That was really discouraging.

On another note… I really want to try some Yoga. Does anyone have a recommendation for a video?

I have fallen in love with Grillmates Chicken seasonings. That stuff is soooo good! And I don’t even really like chicken.

That is my randomness for the day…. 😉